4–5s Program

CMCLC’s Pre-K program uses the curriculum by Houghton Mifflin with Macmillan/McGraw-Hill mixed in to enhance the learning experience. The children will be introduced into reading, writing and comprehension as well as the foundation of math, science, and social studies skills. The children will have interactive learning centers that build on education and social skills, journals, workbooks, and many other learning tools to provide children a complete educational, but hands-on learning experience. Children learn through play and exploration, so the children will enjoy opportunities, throughout their day, to touch, experiment and learn through sand/water, and other hands-on activities the elements they are learning. As standards change each year, we are always increasing our program to match. The children will be ready for Kindergarten and be self-confident in their ability to meet the expectations that Kindergarten has.

The Pre-K group has a hands on learning approach, but a structured learning day and it is important for children to attend school daily, make up missed work, and do their homework assignments as this offers the children the best opportunity for success. There is homework on Wednesday nights, which is reading, writing and comprehension (retelling a story) and there is recap homework on Thursday of the entire weeks workbook so that the teacher and family can make sure the student captures the concept, letter, shape, number or other activity the child was taught all week. Fridays are fun days with educational centers and games. The children have Spanish, movement and mat, music, mini gym, art, science, reading, writing, comprehension, math and social studies each week included in the fees. All children have outdoor time, weather permitting. The Pre-K class does hold a graduation ceremony at the end of the year.

Pre-K is challenging, fun, and rewarding, but requires parent support and dedication as it is demanding on the students. We, as teachers, make sure it is fun and hands on but educational as well. This is the foundation for their next learning journey! Specific programs, daily schedules and goals of each age group (classroom) are available during scheduled tours of our facility/center!

This is a general overview only.