CMCLC buildingCMCLC’s Goals & Mission

Defining a New Way to Provide Children with a Positive, Memorable and Growing Experience!

“Our Mission at CMCLC is to help our children soar to success by giving them a good foundation from the start and helping them grow into confident leaders.”

CMCLC will do this by providing children an environment that fosters growth through a positive learning experience. Young children learn when given the opportunity to have an active, exploring, challenging, and educational day. This occurs optimally when their physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and educational needs are met and they feel secure to explore and learn. Through this process they learn vital tools that can be used throughout life and can empower them to become leaders.

“Our goal is to welcome each child with a smile, greet them throughout
the day with laughter and have them take home a memory each day!”
-Shirley Vesper, President and Teacher