CMCLC’s Training Facility

How to Grow your Career in the Field of Child Development and Become a More Confident and Valuable Teacher!

CMCLC has been approved, by the State of Maryland, to offer certain classes that will allow current teachers to advance in their careers and new teachers looking to enter the childcare field, the training and skills needed to grow, manage, and operate a classroom with confidence and tools. 

Why Training? Training offers growth. Teachers are more valuable to their companies when they grow in training or continue to enhance their training levels. Teachers are more confident to manage and operate their classrooms when they are provided with training and tools to do so. The everyday demands of children, directors, co-workers, and families can be overwhelming, but when provided tools to tackle, these can be chances to shine, not times of “what do I do.”

CMCLC has openings in our Fall classes, so sign up now, and become a more advanced teacher! 

Should you wish to learn more about our current class schedule, please contact Ms. Shirley Vesper at 301-514-2704.